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ICC Networking SADC Region

ICCN is dedicated to delivering communication networks across the SADC region.  To that end, we're delivering unified technology to overcome geography, enhanced engineering and design, system management, monetization processes, and a dedicated team to support all our partners.

  • TV Whitespace - Long-range non-line-of-sight, low RF communication over 35 miles
  • LTE/5G - Hybrid core and a unified eNodeB system to reduce deployment and cost
  • Wi-Fi - Hyper-intelligent IEEE802.11 features extended edge security
  • Wired Ethernet - Enterprise Core Ethernet switching, routing, and access control
  • Firewall/Gateway - Multi-level firewall and access control with various cybersecurity features
  • WARP Edge Cloud - An edge internet system provides localized content delivery and security
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Fixed Wireless



1G to 40G Wired Performance

Edge Computing

100% Edge Internet

Building Intelligent IP Infrastructures

ICC Networking solutions are designed to have local impact and global delivery.  Engineered on Fixed Wireless, Industrial Ethernet, and a distributed internet platform, we build sustainable networks that bridge the digital divide.

TVWS / 4G LTE / 5G

Integrated Fixed Wireless Solutions

High Density Wi-Fi 6

Performance wireless technology

Enterprise Switch and Gateway Solutions

Fixed Wireless 

WARP Edge Internet System

Advanced Edge Computing and Distributed Content Delivery System


Hybrid IP and Cell RF bridge the last mile while the ICCN Framework provides a new platform ensuring edge content delivery with our WARP Edge Internet System.

WARP Edge Internet System
WARP EIS provides no center, middle, or edge architecture as the first true cloud-solution delivering instant access across any size communication network. This means that systems deploy only as a completely distributed galaxy of connected nodes for applications, users, and devices.

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